Used Equipment For Sale

Campo Sheet Metal has acquired machinery that are for sale to interested individuals. More details regarding pieces of equipment listed on this page are available upon request. Interested individuals should call 832-325-6300 and ask for Sammy Campo.

Hytrol Conveyor

Hytrol Conveyor packaging system upgraded and removed from a plant. System was in operation for three months prior to being removed from a pharmaceutical plant. System was used to handle boxes in the plant. Majority of conveyor is 21″ wide, in 10′ sections.

Pieces include:

  • straight conveyor
  • curved conveyor
  • (2) 180° turn tables
  • (1) powered expandable flex conveyor
  • pallet conveyor
  • merges
  • Ys

Conveyor Types include:

  • line shaft
  • belt driven
  • zero pressure

New York Blower Company Blowers / Fans

Three different blowers / fans. All were manufactured by New York Blower Company. All fans / blowers have been stored in an inside warehouse out of the elements; warehouse is not temperature controlled.

Fan / Blower 1 Specs:

  • ACF/PLR Class IV Fan
  • Unused
  • 100 horsepower motor
  • 25,000 cfm
  • 21.6 sp
  • 1,103 rpm
  • 139 bhp
  • Manufactured in 2010

Fan / Blower 2 Specs:

  • Series 30 GI Fan
  • Unused
  • 75 horsepower motor
  • 23,000 cfm
  • 15.8 sp
  • 2,298 rpm
  • 78.3 bhp
  • manufactured in 2010

Fan / Blower 3 Specs:

  • Unused – purchased for twin cyclone assembly
  • 22,092 cfm
  • 715 rpm
  • 33.2 bhp
  • manufactured in 2018

Twin Cyclones

Custom built twin cyclones designed and built for a Jabez-Burns 21R Roaster in a coffee roasting plant. Plant shut down and moved prior to installation. Cyclones are made from carbon steel. Cyclones are not insulated. Cyclones can be retrofitted to a different plant. Can be sold as individuals or a pair. Blower / fan can be sold as a package with cyclones or not included. Cyclone specs are available upon request.