Water Jet Cutting Services


Water Jet Cutting Services in Houston TX

Campo Sheet Metal offers water jet cut components with extremely tight tolerances. The water jet can cut a wide variety of materials beyond steel. Whether it be wood, rubber, tile, granite or metal, our water jet can cut it. With some of the largest water jet tables in the country, an over sized plate isn’t a problem. The cutting window on our largest table is 14′ X 40′.   

Our Ward Jet has six cutting heads allowing for large quantities of the same part to be cut more cost effectively than with a single head or two head machine. 

A variety of edge finishes are available upon request. The edge finish will effect the tolerances and quality of cut. By offering multiple types of edge finishes, allows for a customer to work within their budget.


Our three CNC water jets are:

  • Ward Jet
    • 6 cutting heads 
    • 60KSI system
  • Farley Nautilus
    • 2 cutting heads
    • 60KSI system.
  • HydraJet 
    • 1 KMT cutting head 
    • 90KSI system.


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