Plasma & Oxyfuel Cutting


Campo Sheet Metal offers top quality plate burning services.  From thin gauge carbon steel to 2″ thick stainless steel CSMW has the capability to provide plasma cut components with the highest quality. Beveling is possible with dual beveling heads on one of the plasma machines.  The plasma beveling process is CNC controlled and creates bevels with tight tolerance and clean edges.   To complement the plasma cutting systems, a single flame cutting system is used to provide quality flame cut components through 6″ carbon steel.

Farley Phoenix – 12′ x 45′ cut window –  High Definition 100 Amp – Single head with scribe marking – Cut through 3/4″ carbon and stainless steel.

Farley Phoenix – 15’x 45′ cut window – 400 Amp – Dual heads with beveling capabilities – Cut through 1-1/4″ carbon steel and 2″ stainless steel.

MG flame cutting machine – 10′ x 40′ cut window – 3 heads – Cut up to 6″ carbon steel.

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